Marring the Page


The blank, unspoiled page is a place of possibility.  The potential to create greatness, goodness, beauty, truth, and meaning is before you.  The paper awaits your hand, your marks, your words, your voice, and so you lift the pen, the brush, or the pencil to begin and then


You hover with uncertainty over the page.  The fear of ruining the perfection of possibility settles in.  To make the first mark is to commit to the inevitable mistakes and struggles of creative work.  

An artist can get stuck indefinitely in fear of marring the page.

I return to blog writing after a very long break.  This post is the equivalent of making a bold mark on a pristine page in a new sketchbook.  I don’t know what the work will look like a week, a month or a year from now.  These first few posts may look like the misfit drawings found at the beginning of a sketchbook.  They may not fit in once the momentum builds and work flows.  

However, I am making marks and

I am using a permanent marker.


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